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"If you believe what you read in 'Dancing with Rejection', I offer you irrefutable proof of life after physical death", claims Gaudet. "Could it be chalked up to the mind of toxin-laden 'near-death experience', or did the encounters that I write about really happen? That is for the reader to decide."

In any case, prepare yourself for  sometimes shocking tales of paranormal experiences that mushroom out of seemingly everyday adventures that Gaudet weaves between the pages of 'Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality'.  

Thanks to the "Gift of Life" AKA a kidney transplant from his brother Steven in 1979, Michael went on to thrive as one of Canada's longest living recipients. However, at the time of this writing in 2017, he is once again fighting for his life as a Dialysis Warrior.

​​​Gaudet carries on with his story in Book 2 of his trilogy called "A Work in Progress: The Life my Brother Saved". In this book, you will read about the astounding advances in his mural-painting career, in tandem with the revelations that unfold as his father's indomitable spirit weaves in and out of his life. This is not an easy ride. Laced with stories of human tragedy and triumph, Gaudet's irrepressible tenacity never fails to inspire and illuminate the power of the human spirit, love of life and an artistic career that spans over four decades.

​​​​I was really happy to read this sparkling, glowing review from my friend Dylan Loewe, (White House writer) after he read "Dancing with Rejection" aboard "Air Force 1" over the Atlantic Ocean...Dylan is one of the USA's top, elite writers, so reading this from him is extremely gratifying! My hope is that more of the over 500 people that have purchased and read the book in the first month will be moved to write a review and post it at Amazon.com... http://goo.gl/kBlnlJ

"I just wanted to send a quick note to say that I finished your book and that I absolutely loved it. It was thoughtful and inspiring, and all around an excellent read. I've just recommended it to my friends. Wonderful work - you deserve to be very proud of it. I hope it gets the attention it deserves."  

-- Dylan Loewe, White House Writer, Washington, D.C.

Best-Selling author Eldonna Edwardspenned a powerful impression of the book :

"Intriguing story of an enterprising muralist with an appetite for the mystical. 

Part magical realism, part biography, part how-to guide for the aspiring artist -- Dancing With Rejection offers a unique narrative, embellished with spiritual and metaphysical undertones that border on the ethereal. Michael's saga takes the reader on adventures that include his formative childhood, bohemian lifestyle, a near-death experience with kidney failure and eventual success as a renowned mural artist. This inspirational tale is tenderly painted with brush strokes of resilience and hope that will alter your heart's canvas long after you put the book down."

--Eldonna Edwards,  Living Donor Advocate and Author of 

"Lost In Transplantation: Memoir of an Unconventional Organ Donor".

After his very close encounter with an early grave, that the author (a proud Metis ... mi'kmaq and french) chronicles in chilling detail, Gaudet goes on to carve out a career as one of Canada's most notorious mural painters. It was only through the timely intervention by the fiercely protective spirit of his father Robert (the author describes this with unflinching honesty) that Gaudet survives long enough to be admitted into the ER at Sunnybrook Hospital.

This just in: Listen to Michael's interview with Dr. Paul Reeves on ImpactRadioUSA.com  as they discuss the "Near Death Experience" and the paranormal "Life after Death".

This is NOT a hoax, or fake news... it is the real thing.

"A Work in Progress" is making its way out to the world...  Danika Lorer, Saskatoon Story-Teller and vivacious host of Shaw TV's "Lit Happens" holds her copy of Book 1 and Book 2.

Kreiner's Korner with over 50,000 Listeners.

"What a good read. Michael Gaudet is a Canadian artist that writes with a real artistic flair. The story takes you through his younger years developing his art while suffering through End Stage Renal Disease. After reading his stories you feel like you were there with him. Looking forward to his next book." ... James Jamison   To write a review, please follow this link.

My dear friend and colleague Carey Rigby-Wilcox holds her copy of "A Work in Progress". I will be very interested to know what she thinks once she has finished reading it! I feel it is critical at this time to get my books into the right hands. "I was in need of some inspiration today so I thought I would curl up with Michael’s new book, 'A Work in Progress'. Excited to be inspired by his personal story, as I read I was brought to tears when I seen that he mentioned me in his acknowledgements as a “Brave Soul”. I am so deeply honored to be apart of your journey, I love you Michael R. Gaudet! Xoxo"

Dr. Mike Moser, (shown here below...dipping into his copy of "Dancing with Rejection") Kidney Transplant Surgeon at St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is one of Canada's most outspoken Kidney Health advocates. I am proud to call him a personal friend and a powerful ally in the quest for a "Living Kidney Donor".

Listen to Steve Brown's Musical Tribute

to "Dancing with Rejection".

"Dancing with Rejection" is dedicated to my dear Dad (may he R.I.P.) the late Robert Joseph Gaudet.

Standing with the "Dancing with Rejection" banner and book at The Watrous Manitou Newspaper.

 "Lit Happens" interview with host Danica Lorer on Shaw TV...

Teri Miller of "AngelSpeakers" fame wrote:

"I finished Michael's book 'Dancing With Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality'. What an awesome job you did Michael. The book is rich with adventure, intrigue and stories that kept my attention! There was so much I could relate to in the book including kidney problems and transplantation as well as the spiritual connection. I look forward to the next 2 books in this trilogy! Much love and light!"

Listen to "Kreiner's Korner Podcast" with over 50,000 subscribers... where Emmy-Award Winning broadcaster Jeff Kreiner discusses the phenomenon of the "Near Death Experience" and "Life After Death" with the artist.

" 'Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality' by Michael Gaudet is a biographical account of the challenges of living with kidney disease and dialysis and then the return to health and a career as a successful mural artist thanks to the gift of a kidney transplant that the author received from his brother. The well-documented (and at times necessarily graphic and realistic) historical elements in the book were of particular interest to me as I have an interest in medical history -- it's still staggering to think that it wasn't that long ago (1960s) that there was no treatment for kidney failure. Michael's book puts into perspective how the 1960s were at the cusp of the development of dialysis and kidney transplantation.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book's down-to-earth storytelling style that led me with curiosity from one life event to the next and found that I couldn't put the book down.  I look forward to the next book in the trilogy! This book also serves as a reminder to all of us all why we should seriously consider signing our organ donor cards or (more importantly) having a discussion with our family and friends about our wishes for organ donation."

-- Dr. Mike Moser, Kidney Transplant Surgeon

"I’ve read both of Michael's books and shared the love with others. The story is worthy of a movie. The life this man has led and his contributions to the cause are like that of a Superhero with a soft voice and painter's pallet. Maybe that’s part of what makes him so special. So often we underestimate people. He’s a mural artist. But can he ever write and we need to pay attention, because there is so much to learn."

...Judy Proctor   To write a review, please follow this link.