The above is my favorite image of the simply MASSIVE MURAL that was erected in the summer of 2017 at Young, SK. Observe the humans under the base of this monstrosity to grasp the scale. It is a whopping 20' high with a running length of 80"! Remember what I said about the dramatic acceleration my dual careers? Well, a case in point would be, with all of the attendant publicity that follows in the wake of projects like the above, communities are now approaching me to create murals to put their town on the map. Please watch this space for more exciting developments.

It was a privilege and honor to be interviewed by the late, great Wes Funk on his Shaw cable show "Lit Happens".

Two large murals designed and painted by Gaudet for the Saskatchewan Government Employees' Union in the summer of 2016. The original murals are installed at SGEU Head Offices in Regina. The images were pressed into service to stand as a series of highway billboards across the province, the 2016/17 SGEU promotion campaign.

Thank you to all of the Media Outlets that visit this space. I am available to speak with you by appointment at (306) 917-8884. Please use the CONTACT link to set this up, by emailing me at  As the momentum in my dual careers as a painter of monumental murals and now, as the published author of my first two books (with a 3rd in the works... to constitute my "Trilogy") continues to dramatically accelerate, I am confident that your time will be very well-spent with a personal call to me. 

Fighting for his life while Inspiring Others

By Daniel Bushman/The Watrous Manitou

October 19th, 2015

After waiting for seven months and then finally receiving a kidney transplant over three decades ago, a Manitou Beach resident is faced with the same adversity once again. However, for artist and now author Michael Gaudet, he is not letting it deter him from his everyday life.

Driving to Saskatoon three times a week - over an hour each way - and then receiving dialysis treatments for four hours each time, Gaudet has been able to find a way to pass the time by writing his story. On days he is not getting treatment, the co-owner of G-G’s Gallery and Gifts has tried to continue his passion as an artist at home while waiting for a new kidney.

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SaskTel Max TV created this charming 10-minute short film, that features select "Monumental Murals", along with a live reading from "Dancing with Rejection".

On 1/23/2018 I appeared on the Shaw Cable TV show for the literary arts, Lit Happens, with host Danica Lorer for an excellent interview. Stay tuned for the video, coming soon. In the meantime, here is a beautiful studio shot.

"I don't want to be known as 'the guy with kidney disease' but rather, 'the artist and author who is working hard to raise awareness of kidney health' ".

   If the spirit moves you to be tested, please call the St. Paul’s Hospital Living Donor Assessment Coordinator (Darlene) at: 306-655-5740.